Tellico Village University

October 10, 17 Chota Room D 10:30-12:30

A Halloween Party with a little history of witches in European and American History.


Let’s have a Halloween party and hunt for witches! No, seriously, we are. And Tellico Village University has found a fascinating person to lead the hunt! If you are interested in an interesting period of world history combined with some Halloween treats…check this out!

Witch hunts shook Europe and North America in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and are an interesting but little known part of world history. Come and learn the causes and consequences of the hysteria that led to the deaths of thousands of people, largely women. In session one, we will cover the general background of the European witch craze and highlight a couple of famous witch hunts there. In session two, we will turn our attention to North America and the Salem Witch Trials.

Nancy Locklin-Sofer is a professor of History at Maryville College. She teaches a wide range of topics at Maryville College, but her class on Witch Hunts is her favorite.

To make this fun….those who wear a witch hat or witch costume can attend tuition free. We’re having a Witch’s Brew and something to go with it!

For everyone else, the tuition for this class is $10 that provides a nice well deserved honorarium for Dr. Locklin-Sofer. Checks should be paid to STAYinTV the day of the class.

Register here.

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