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The Art of Origami

September 12 9-11 Chota Room D

An Origami Tsunami is Coming to Tellico Village

What a fun art form to share with your grandchildren. Or just do it for relaxation and fun for yourself. Origami artist Susan K Wettling is passionate about her love of origami and is looking forward to sharing her skills with us. For seventeen years, she has been entranced by the magic of transforming a sheet of paper into a flower, a container, a frog, a toy, and numerous other models. She has attended almost 50 origami conventions and festivals around the world and loves to share what she has learned.

Origami is the art of folding a sheet of paper into a sculpture, decorative shape, or functional item. In contrast to many creative art forms, origami involves carefully following a set pattern in order to create the chosen object. It has been shown to aid in motor skills, memory, spatial visualization abilities, improved concentration, organizational skills, and stress relief.

Using this ancient art form, you will learn “the language of origami” to make simple, but fun, paper toys to entertain your grandchildren, friends, or just yourself. No previous experience is necessary-just the desire to keep those fingers nimble. All materials will be provided.

Who knows?? There may be so much interest in continuing learning this beautiful art form that we can schedule an origami 2.0 class for more folding techniques. Enough of you interested origami artists might like to form a Tellico Village Origami Artists Guild!

Yes you can! Join the fun. There is a $7 fee for this course, payable to STAYinTV at the class; the fee covers all paper that you will use in this class.

Register here.

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