Tellico Village University

Facebook Advanced


May 14 8:30-10:30am

Chota Rec Room D

Are you on Facebook but only using it to look at pictures your friends post?  Do you want to be able to do more with Facebook, such as learning how to create groups or pages, how to create events, or how to attach articles you read to a post? Join us for a 2 hour workshop going over some of the advanced aspects of Facebook. During the 2 hour Facebook Advanced workshop, you will learn the following:

A.Groups and Pages – benefits to “Liking”
B. Creating Groups for subdivisions or reunions
C. Creating Facebook Pages for business
D. Creating Events
E. Uploading pictures to Facebook and Tagging
F. Saving a picture from Facebook
G. Sharing information not on Facebook, to Facebook
H. Attaching an article from the internet into a Facebook post
I. Controlling Ads


You must bring a device (laptop, tablet, iPad, or smartphone) with you to this workshop.  You must also know how to use this device confidently as this is not a workshop on how to use your device.


Tuition for this class is $10 through the SocialMedia4Seniors Website.



REGISTER HERE at the SocialMedia4 Seniors Website


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