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Discovering the Secret Language of Your Dreams

April 4 1-3pm Chota Rec Center Room D

DREAMS – –  whether you remember them or not – we all have them.   But what about them?  Villager Karel Alexander James Bouse, PhD will introduce participants to techniques by which they can delve into their dreams in order to extract their meaning. Dreams are frequently messages from our deeper selves. They can be prophetic, instructive, problem-solving, and even life- saving; but one must know how to decipher the meanings. Dreams differ from rational thought and sensory cognition in that they are (1) non-linear, and (2) expressed in frequently multi-dimensional symbols. Each symbol has a deep meaning that is known only to the dreamer.

This two hour session will include Karel’s instruction followed by some personal deconstruction of a dream using some creative and expressive techniques under Karel’s guidance.

Come Prepared!  Bring a written description of a dream you have had, to the extent that you can remember it. Recent or recurrent dreams are best, but an outstanding dream from the past will work as well.

About our instructor:  Karel Alexander James Bouse, PhD holds doctorates in Psychology from Saybrook University, and in History/American Studies from the University of Maryland. She is holds certification in Dream Studies, Applied Consciousness, and Expressive Arts from Saybrook University. Her specialization in Psychology is Consciousness, Spirituality and Integrative Health. Dr. Bouse has been teaching workshops and classes in dream work (including interpretation, healing, expressive art, and the dream theater) since 2015. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and the International Association for the Study of Dreams

Tuition for this two hour class is $5 payable to TVPOA.

Registration is required at the TVU website.  Cancellation is requested if you must.


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