Tellico Village University


October 25 Chota Room A 6:30-8:30pm


This is a repeat of a great class that closed in ONE DAY this spring! You asked for it and we found her and are happy to invite her back!

Calligrapher Katherine Michalik designed a class for those of us who have an interest but no experience. You will learn how to use the oblique pen holder, nibs, and inks as well as the basic letterforms to create beautiful hand calligraphy.


Katherine . began her career in calligraphy in 2011. She loves the special element that hand calligraphy adds to special occasions and events. Examples of her work can be viewed at her website

This class is limited to 20 participants so that the instructor can provide individual help.

The total fee for this 2 hour class is $45 which includes all materials, paper, ink, and your other supplies so you can practice more at home. This is a discounted price for registrants of Tellico Village University only, and is provided within the Village rather than at her usual Knoxville shop as a convenience for us. This could easily become a new hobby, or at least, an art that adds flair to your personal correspondence.

After you register on our website, you must pre-pay your tuition to STAYinTV at the Welcome Center within 5 days of confirmation as part of your completed registration. You may cancel your reservation within 3 days of the class and retrieve your check with no loss. Please help us make your reserved sat available to someone on our waiting list. See our tuition policy at the beginning of this catalog. Registration via our website CONTACT US page requires that you add if you are right or left handed as a particular style of pen will be provided as part of your supplies.

If you have taken this class before and do not need to purchase supplies, your tuition is $20 payable in advance. Please make note in your registration form.

Register here.

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